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Hot Rolling Mill

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Hot Rolling Mill

In hot rolling mills, long products (e.g. wire rod, pipes, bars, rails, beams) or wide flat products (e.g. sheets, strip) are fabricated by rolling. A hot rolling mill consists of a reheating furnace, a descaling unit, a roller conveyor, a hot mill stand and a cooling bed. Other peripheral facilities include the cooling system with the cooling tower and a gantry type crane system for loading of the semi-finished products.

In the hot rolling mill, the input materials from the continuous caster (slabs, blooms or billets) are first heated to a temperature above the recrystallization temperature in a reheating furnace. Reheating furnaces can be designed as a walking beam, pusher-type or rotary hearth furnaces. After this, descaling and rolling take place.
As a result of the high temperatures and harsh environmental conditions the sensors used in hot rolling mills must meet much higher demands than in other industries. The robust sensors with extended temperature ranges from ifm reliably detect positions and record measurement values, ensuring high plant uptime. Please select a machinery –